Julias "Swift" Borator

Leader of the Reavers


Age: 42
Level: ?
Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Rogue
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Size: Medium
Occupation: Guild Leader of The Reavers

Appearance: Tall Human, Pale white skin with closely cut brown hair. Face appears tired and sickly despite a large muscular physique. Typically seen wearing either his Reavers chain mail or full plate. It’s uncommon to see him without a cigarette or pipe between his lips.


Son of Thomas Borator and heir to the vast Borator fortune, Julius was sent away by his father to train with Julia Fangmore, Captain of the King’s Guard at the age of 8.

Until the age of 18 he trained in many forms of combat, including the rapier and spear, but due to his large stature he took a fondness to the Great Sword and Maul. On his 16th birthday he was assigned to Princess Catrina Darkfist and stood by the royal family’s side until his 20th year.

Once his term with the Honorguard was completed, he spent the next 5 years traveling the Realms, spending most of his time in the tribal lands of Bhurtok, leading a traveling mercenary group known as “The Reavers”, which at the time included: Ser John “JLee” Livingston, “Warlord Brett”, and Eli Longstrider. Eventually Silas Montgommeri and Eli’s sister, Ameria Longstrider, would join the group.

Julias "Swift" Borator

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