Hobbes Orieles

The Young Loyal Reavers Captain


Age: 28
Level: ?
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 193 lbs.
Size: Medium
Occupation: Captain of the Guard & Quartermaster of The Reavers

Appearance: Lean muscled human. Dark tan skin with a shaved head, wears light armor embroidered with The Reavers’ emblem. Stern tough jaw line with a serious demeanor.


Hobbes Orieles has been a member of The Reavers since he was a child of 9 years. Working as a stable boy and sparring with the swordsmen in his spare time. Skilled with the spear, lance and short sword, he’s a master cavalryman. At the age of 16 Hobbes was brought into The Reavers Expedition Crews and quickly became a Crew Captain by his 20th year. Hobbes was appointed Captain of the Guard and Quartermaster of The Reavers in his 28th year.

Hobbes Orieles

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