Silas Montgommeri

The Adventurer Turned Businessman, Owner of Montgommeri Industries


Age: 35
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Level: ?
Occupation: Owner of Montgommeri Industries, Senior Officer and Magnus Arcana of The Reavers
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Size: Medium

Appearance: Lightly tanned white skin, spectacles, mild muscle build, with shaggy blonde hair. Typically wears finely crafted trousers and a blouse with a masterfully crafted black cloak with purple accents held together with a large ornate clasp bearing the sigil of the Reavers Guild.


Born a bastard to a butcher and a whore in the Havenswatch town of Nexvicous, SIlas Montgommeri was born in a brothel and sent to be raised at the Church of Palor. He remained in their orphanage until the age of 4 when he began to show talents in the Arcane arts and was taken to the Scholar’s Tower in the Kingdom of Kalladen to study. By the age of 14 he had mastered several schools of magic and was vastly outperforming his peers, by 16 he had finished his studies and left the tower to travel the realms.

His travels took him to the unsettled tribal lands known as Bhurtok, where he met a young Elf Archer by the name of Ameria Longstrider, who would eventually give him a son several years later, but he was taken from them by Limb-Rot before his first birthday. Shortly after his death Silas and Ameria reunited with her brother, Eli Longstrider, and his band of warriors trying to unite the tribes of Bhurtok under a single banner; known as The Reavers.

The band traveled together to for many years and established the stronghold town known as Port Prosper in his 25th year; however, the town wouldn’t last long. The remaining tribes wishing for Bhurtok to remain a tribal land united and laid siege to the town. The Reavers fought bravely, but in the end, couldn’t hold off the attackers. Eli Longstrider died during the battle to save several of The Reavers including SIlas and Ameria.

With no where left to go Silas and the rest of The Reavers left Bhurtok heading south to Kalladen and eventually Havenswatch in his 27th year.

The group founded Montgommeri Industries in the town of Nexvicous, primarily a logistics company that found its fortune by cornering the market on Air Ship Transport, creating a virtual monopoly throughout the entire Realm.

Since then, Montgommeri Industries found its way into many different markets and The Reavers became an officially endorsed Guild in the Kingdom of Havenswatch and Kalladen.

Montgommeri Enterprises has come under public fire for close ties to The Reavers and several controversial events, though they are generally regarded as a decent company.

In his 34th year he was appointed a Senior Officer and Magnus Arcana (Head of the guild’s Arcana Department). The Guild has risen to great power in the last year.

Silas Montgommeri

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