Campaign set in a geographically modified Eberron.

House Rules & Table Etiquette

  1. If a rule isn't known off hand and it can't be figured out within 1 minute, the DM will make a table call and the issue will be resolved after play. Same rule applies for any player disputes.
  2. Have a good Idea of what you want to do when it's you're turn in the initiative. Spell casters should have read their spells and know what they do. Your turn doesn't mean it's your turn to figure out what to do for 5 minutes. Please have an idea of what you want to do.
  3. Character weight limits will be enforced.
  4. Food requirements will be enforced while traveling.
  5. Spell components and casting times are enforced, the exception being if your spell component covered by a "Spell Component Pouch".

The Havenswatch Chronicles

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